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Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Devised ion-conducting polymeric materials and architectures for artificial proton pumps.
  • Analyzed of ionic band bending at polymer/electrolyte interfaces using impedance spectroscopy and modeling.
  • Performed finite element analysis modeling of fully ionic photovoltaics.
Graduate Student
  • Designed polymer nanoparticle morphologies with bicontinuous pathways for concurrent conduction. 
  • Analyzed transport using advanced scanning probe techniques, impedance spectroscopy, and network/percolation theory with computation. 
  • Conducted and modeled impedance spectroscopy to measure ionic transport and interfacial chemistry to control it, in hybrid organic/inorganic perovskites for photovoltaics and memristors

Staff Chemist, formerly a co-op/intern

  • Synthesized myriad metal-organic framework (MOF)
  • Worked extensively with decontamination chemistry
  • Synthesized graphene oxide and subsequent composite materials
  • Studied enzyme kinetics and activity with UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Developed fabric coatings and design for lab and plant scale-up

Undergraduate Researcher
  • 31P NMR Ru catalyst kinetics
  • Synthesis of ferrocene derivatives
  • Electrochemical potential characterization of organometallic compounds